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Welcome to our websites gaming rules page. Here we will explain how you can win a monthly prize using your QR code and/or signing in with your details in the main game page.


  1. You can only win a prize if you put in the (same) email you made the purchase with. This is VERY important.

  2. You are only able to win the prize once with every 1 purchase, then you will have to make another purchase to enter the monthly competition again. Should you buy 2+ more in one go, you will be able to enter with each purchase.



  3. You are (unable) to win the competition 2 months in a row. This is to ensure other players have a fair chance. So, if you win one month you will have to wait one more month to win again, but you will still be able to enter and play.

  4. The monthly score will be published on the (blog) page with the winner also being contacted via email.

  5. Each month will have either a different or similar prize and everyone will be made aware of the prize on the blog page and main game page.

Good luck, and enjoy!!

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