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We are an online family run business, including my wife to be Kate, who is
the real boss behind the business.

We have tried to ensure that our products are eco-friendly as well as vegan
friendly and try to cater for everybody's needs and comfort.

You will find a range of Candle Scents and Reed Diffusers to accommodate
your personal gaming genre. These range from Sci-Fi, Horror, Adventure
and Comedy. We will have many more products arriving in the near future
including: Mystery, Racing, Romantic, Western, Thriller, Sports,
Action, Fantasy and many more.

Not only would this be a great product for your fellow smelly gamer 😉, but
also for birthday parties, social gatherings or even a video gamed themed
wedding. You never know?

The opportunities are endless.

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My Story

Throughout lockdown I was playing video games more than ever. During this time, my fiancé was getting fed up with the accumulating smell I was producing 🤢 (I know, I know, I'm not proud of this). So, during a long lasting shower I came up with an idea... What if I could play my games with a genera scented candle, not only keeping Kate happy, but immerse myself further into my games.


Searching online for gaming scented candles, I noticed this was a missed market. With nothing to suit my needs, I decided to create my own horror candle to play my (scary) video games with. After a LOT of trial and error, voila, we finally created a horror scented candle.


With this success, I wanted to share my idea with the gaming world by creating scents for every gaming genre. To begin with, I decided, Comedy, Horror, Adventure and Sci-fi, thinking these are the most popular genres out at the moment.


From there, ideas came left, right and centre, including Reed diffusers (for the younger audience) who may be to young for a candle. More ideas coming, including soaps and air fresheners which is currently in the works.


So, please come and join me in this adventure. Tell me what your favourite flavours are as well as joining our gaming community with a custom game, only a quick scan away from your products QR code.

Yes, there are prizes to be won!


I'm always looking for new and exciting gaming scents to add to my list. Any ideas?

Let's connect.

+44 7594807488

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